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Sierra's Journey

I have been overweight all my life.  I was painfully shy as a kid and my way of coping with the stressful world around me was books and food.  I found my love of fashion and passion for helping others feel good about how they were dressing, and I was able to overcome some of my shyness through this.  This loved morphed into my business as a sales rep. 


In 2018, I made 2 big decisions about my health. In May, I decided to take control of my eating habits and join WW (Weight Watchers). And I decided to have a hysterectomy.

On 11/27/2018 I had surgery. My Dr was able to finally confirm some long-suspected issues that were causing me increasing pain. Having this surgery has fixed most of those issues and now 1 year post op I am feeling great.


In June 2019 I also had to have an additional surgery that was completely unrelated to my other health issues.  I had surgery to remove one of my parathyroid glands. 


Now in December of 2019 I am down 120lbs!  I have 11lbs to go until I reach my first weight loss goal.

Fair Trade for Life!

I fell in love with Fair Trade!!  I meet the team at Mata Traders and discovered how I could make a small difference in the world, by doing what I was already doing.  Now my whole business is based around how the products we buy and sell make a difference in the world.


One of the biggest changes in my life is now I can fit into a lot of my samples!  I love being able to support my companies by shopping Fair trade! Check out more about Fair Trade here.

WW Wellness that Works

I LOVE WW! I have lost all my weight naturally using WW's digital program.  I eat healthy with everything in moderation.  If I want ice cream, I pick a healthy ice cream and eat one serving. Most days I eat eggs for breakfast, a rice bowl for lunch, and a protein with veggie for dinner. While I am traveling, WW makes it easy to eat out using their restaurant guide.  I love how WW teaches you how to make healthier choices.

For more information about WW (Weight Watchers), you can click the link below.  If you decide to sign up, make sure to use the link and you will receive a free month and I will receive a free month.

I’m loving the new my WW and think you would too. Get one FREE month on a membership plan by using the link below.


I am a Runner

In 2019, as part of getting healthy, I took up running. I was inspired by the podcast Not Your Average Runner, which teaches running at any size.


In 2022 I am planning on running A 100 MILE RACE!! Folow my journey to 100 on my Instagram page here.


I never knew I could be considered a runner and an athlete, but now I am!

Want to see more of my daily life!  Check me out on Instagram.


I post about what is new at Sea & Tree, what I eat, and exercise.

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