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Founded by Shaunessi Lamm, Elevation Trade has maintained ongoing trading relationships with artisans in Nepal for over 30 years. And have seen and shared first hand in the suffering and setbacks which economic necessity imparts to individuals, especially women, children and the socially disenfranchised.

Elevation Trade grew out of the idea that it is possible can produce high quality, fashionable clothing, and provide economic resources to those living in Nepal.

Fair Trade

Elevation Trade is dedicated to adhering to the standards of Fair Trade set forth by the Fair Trade Federation. Elevation Trade pays their producers higher wages than the national average in Nepal and does not use child labor. In addition Elevation Trade makes sure all facilities are safe, and the working conditions are comfortable. Elevation Trade pays bonuses, holiday pay and is flexible with schedules of the producers to allow for raising a family. In fact, many of the women who can work from home, thus allowing them to earn a good income, without have to leave the family home.

 In addition, beginning in 2014, Elevation Trade will be starting a scholarship program that will provide additional education for the children of the producers. Elevation trade believes that education is the most effective way to provide advancement and opportunities. Shaunessi Lamm started Elevation Trade with the goal of uplifting, and elevating, the lives of people in disenfranchised communities. Her is commitment to education is one pathway to reach that goal.

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